We are now recruiting participants for the following studies:
The Loves Company Study: Investigating how to best support adolescents experiencing psychological distress:

We are recruiting young people, ages 14-17. Active participation lasts six months, plus a follow-up assessment one year after you start. During this time you will have access to the Loves Company site, be asked to complete some initial questionnaires about yourself and will complete some brief surveys about your mood every two weeks. Contact us for more information.

The Corona Study: Investigating how the Coronavirus (COVID19) is affecting young people

We are recruiting young people, ages 13-22, to tell us about their responses to the outbreak. You will complete a 20-minute online questionnaire to tell us about your experiences, and then we will follow up with you every two months for one year to see how you are doing. Click here for more information!

The Digital Phenotype of Bipolar Disorder: Harnessing Technology to Identify the Onset of Bipolar Mood Episodes

We are recruiting young people, ages 14-19. Although we are most interested in people with bipolar disorder, we are also recruiting people who no history of mental health disorders for this study. The study lasts 18 months, you must live in the New York area to participate. Contact us for more information!