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We are now recruiting participants for the following studies:
The Digital Phenotype of Bipolar Disorder: Harnessing Technology to Identify the Onset of Bipolar Mood Episodes

We are recruiting young people, ages 14-19. We are recruiting both adolescents with bipolar disorder and adolescents who have no history of mental health disorders. The study lasts 18 months. Both the adolescent and their caregiver must participate.

Click here for more information!

Digital Phenotyping to Predict Suicide Risk in Youth (BiAffect Study)

We are conducting a research study to find out whether data collected by smartphone sensors (like typing speed or autocorrect use) can help us better understand short-term suicide risk. The study is for adolescents with depression or bipolar disorder and their caregiver. The study lasts 3 months. Both the adolescent and their caregiver must participate. Click here to learn more!



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