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Digital Phenotyping to Predict Suicide Risk in Youth 

We are conducting a study for adolescents to find out whether data collected by smartphone keyboard sensors (like typing speed or how much autocorrect is used) can better help us understand short-term suicide risk. 

The study will last three months. Adolescent participants will install the study app on their phone. Adolescents and their caregiver will be interviewed monthly. All appointments can be done virtually. All participants and caregivers are compensated for study tasks. 

We are looking for participants! Please contact us if you: 

  • have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder

  • experience suicidal thoughts and/or urges

  • are between the ages of 14 and 18 years old 

  • own and use a smartphone

  • are willing to give us access to phone sensor data

  • are willing to complete monthly phone interviews and surveys



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Interested? Please complete the form to learn more.

Thank you for your interest!

For more information about our lab, please contact: 

Dr. Anna Van Meter, PhD  


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